• Skulptur: Light from the Forest
  • Skulptur No: 185
  • Erstellungsjahr: 2023
  • Symposiums-Thema:


  • There are three meanings about this work.

    At first the antlers suggest images related to the forest. The apples in the forest are reminiscent of the famous fairy tale Snow White that happened there. The mysterious forest is the light that inspires our imagination.

    The second, the apple on top of the boy's head reminds us of a legendary hero William Tell of Switzerland.

    At last, in Chinese culture, antlers represent wealth and auspiciousness. Red represents good luck.
  • Material: Holz
  • Preisbasis: CHF  3'700.00
  • Künstler*in: Yuchuan Zhang
  • Wohnort:
  • 238076 HeFei City
  • China
  • E-Mail: zycarts@126.com
  • Standort: