• Skulptur: Creation of a Separation
  • Skulptur No: 145
  • Erstellungsjahr: 2022
  • Symposiums-Thema:


  • The sculpture refears to the idea of soulmate in Platone's Simposio, in which the greek myth of the androgyne is reported and elaborated. According to this myth, human beings were not divided by gender at the beginning of time, an each of them had four arms, four legs an two heads.
    Over time the hermaphrodites began to be insolent towards the gods and Zeus as a punishment, separeted them in two parts. In a germinal position, like an embrion, the sculpture rapresents the moment of separation and creation of man and woman from the primordial human being.
    As a consequence, every human being tries to find their initial entirety by looking for their lost half.
  • Material: Marmor
  • Preisbasis: CHF  5'500